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Flatout GR Plus

Flatout Suspension GR Plus Coilovers


Flatout Suspension GR Plus coilovers are designed to be a comfortable suspension for daily driver that wants to quickly and easily increase ride height 1-3" over stock ride height. The inverted shock gives you rally strength at a reasonable price.

Key Features of the GR Plus:

  • Soft rate springs to enhance comfort
  • OEM style top mounts for quiet operation
  • Proprietary offroad valving to enhance low speed comfort
  • Electroplated shock bodies for 7-10 years of corrosion resistance
  • LPS 2.5ID linear springs
  • Bilstein linear piston
  • Inverted front shocks
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • 1-way Rebound adjustable
  • 3 year warranty