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Ferodo Racing

Ferodo brake pads

Cutting-edge technology for racing drivers

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are manufactured to the highest international quality standards ISO 16949 and 14001 in the dedicated production plants of Federal-Mogul in Italy. Each brake pad is subjected to a total of 26 different quality controls during manufacture, which guarantees an irreproachable and identical product regardless of the production batch.

Precision engineering

All pad backing plates are made from highly ductile steel, for minimal distortion if subjected to large clamping forces, common in motorsport. The inserts are manufactured to maintain large tolerances on the dimensions of the insert and the backing plate, including: flatness, parallelism and general thickness.
THE RESULT ? Fast and uniform transmission of brake system pressure to the pads.
Thermal undercoat

Unlike many competing products, all Ferodo Racing brake pads incorporate a thermal under layer between the backing plate and the friction material.
THE RESULT ? The operating temperature of the brake caliper drops below 80ºC, which reduces the risk of boiling of the brake fluid, which causes the “spongy pedal” effect.

  Respect for the disc

The Ferodo Racing pads respect the brake discs. Ferodo pads are developed to optimize the longevity of the pad AND the disc. Our philosophy is not to increase the longevity of the insert at the expense of the disc.