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Rental conditions

1 / Equipment and regulations

All the equipment made available by JT rallye-circuit is intended exclusively for competition within the framework of a sporting event recognized by a Canadian sporting authority. It must under no circumstances be used on open roads, or on public roads, outside of the race.

JT rallye-circuit undertakes to provide you with equipment in perfect working order, and in compliance with FIA homologations for the equipment subject to regulations.

JT rallye-circuit is also committed to providing you with clean, disinfected equipment that does not show excessive signs of wear.

  2 / Rental

In addition to the rental price, you will be required to provide a security deposit for the value of the new equipment. 

JT rallye-circuit leaves the choice to take back or not a rented material according to the state.  The material must be returned cleaned in its original packaging. When returning the equipment, the security deposit will be fully refunded, on the condition that the equipment has not undergone any major degradation and remains usable again for rental. Otherwise, JT rallye-circuit will apply a deduction from the security deposit to the extent of the damage suffered by the material.


3 / Shipping and return.

JT rallye-circuit undertakes to provide you with equipment that conforms to normal operation. It is your responsibility to notify us, immediately upon receipt of the equipment, of any anomalies, in order to avoid the use of equipment damaged during transport. Without writing attesting to the non-conformity of the material, we consider that the material has been delivered in accordance with the client's expectations.


4 / Duration of the rental.

The rental lasts for 7 days from receipt of the equipment. It must be returned to us before the end of this period. Any delay may be penalized by a deduction from the deposit guarantee. JT rallye-circuit reserves the right not to take back the equipment if the return deadline is not respected.


5 / Purchase option

Customers have the option of purchasing the equipment for hire. Depending on the condition, a price will be estimated and the rental value will be deducted from this price once the equipment has been returned in good condition. If the customer prefers to return the rented equipment and purchase the same new product, the rental value will be deducted from the new purchase price.
The shipping costs for the new product will then be waived.