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Self-bleeding brake 3L
Self-bleeding brake 3L
Self-bleeding brake 3L
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Self-bleeding brake 3L

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The user manual can be downloaded by clicking on this link

Automatic brake bleeder 3L

This bleeder will allow you to change your brake fluid alone and very easily.

- Fill the cylinder with new brake fluid

- Screw the trap plug in place of the original plug and clip it onto the hose fitting

- Pressurize the cylinder respecting the maximum recommended in the instructions. The integrated pressure gauge will give you perfect control of the system pressure.

- Open the car bleeders. New brake fluid will be sent directly to your brake system while flushing out the old one.

The 3L automatic brake bleeder will also be suitable for bleeding your car's hydraulic clutch systems.

Internal diameter of the cap: 44mm

RRS tip.

For a perfect purge, it is recommended to first open the traps furthest from the master cylinder and then return to the nearest ones.

To note :

On some Japanese cars the original fuel tank cap is not screwed but it clips. A specific adapter for these tanks is also on sale on our site by clicking here

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