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Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 1L

Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 1L

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Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 is a 100% synthetic SAE 75W-90 gear oil benefiting from reinforced EP additivation for better suitability with synchronizers
compared to a conventional API GL-4 type fluid.
This product is VW 501 50 approved and is suitable for transaxis, manual transmissions, transfer boxes and other final reductions when API GL-4 performance level is required.

The excellent anti-wear / EP properties associated with proper functioning of the synchronizers make it the ideal product for transaxle boxes
More effective protection is the guarantee of increased performance and longer service life.
The remarkable quality of gearshifts at low temperatures improves driving comfort
Maintaining operating temperatures at a relatively low threshold keeps the lubricant its qualities longer, preserves the components, contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and
Fluidity at low temperatures reduces wear and tear at start-up and saves fuel
The cleanliness of the fluid and transmission is ensured by the remarkable stability of the lubricant at high temperatures.

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