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CASTROL Transmax Z power steering / BVA 1L

CASTROL Transmax Z power steering / BVA 1L

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CASTROL Transmax Z for power steering and automatic gearboxes

Castrol Transmax Z oil is a 100% synthetic hydraulic oil for transmissions usable on many automatic or semi-automatic gearboxes.

Its remarkable mechanical and thermal stability minimizes the possibilities of shearing and oxidation of the oil.

Its fluidity at low temperatures ensures that the gearbox functions properly under extreme conditions.

Recommended for extended oil change intervals, Castrol Transmax Z oil also helps reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Excellent resistance to oxidation, which prolongs the life of the oil and thus creates the conditions required for longer oil changes and reduced maintenance costs.

Reduced operating temperature for longer service life of the gearbox, lower fuel consumption and less exhaust emissions.

Friction coefficient characteristics optimized for smooth and smooth gear changes.

Excellent cold flow properties for optimal protection against wear at low temperatures.

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