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Pedalbox Car Cross
Pedalbox Car Cross

Pedalbox Car Cross

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The Racingpedalboxes Car Cross RPB0005 crankset has been specially designed for this type of vehicle.
The crankset is designed to be fixed directly to the ground or to guides in order to adjust the position for different riders.
conductors. Thanks to a compact design, it can be easily installed in this type of vehicles.
The crankset is made with welded steel parts, with a lightweight design to improve stiffness-to-weight ratio.
stiffness - weight ratio.

The accelerator pedal has an adjustable wire mechanism. The angle of rotation of the pedal and the stroke of the cable are adjustable.
The brake pedal has a balance bar for dual master cylinders. The pedal ratio is 5: 1.
The diameter of the arm is 7/16 "-20 to ensure maximum rigidity. The connections of the master cylinders
are M8 type, for motorcycle master cylinders.
The clutch pedal is hydraulic, with master cylinder.
All pedals have a non-slip surface.
The weight of the crankset is 3.15 kg without the master cylinders, and 4.05 kg with the master cylinders.
The axles of the pedals are made of high quality steel to ensure maximum rigidity. Thanks to
adjusting the torque of the nut, it is possible to adjust the lateral movement of the pedals.
All components have an anti-corrosion coating to allow maximum durability.
The footrest support allows a comfortable riding position.
Master cylinders are sold separately.

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WEIGHT 3.5 kg

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