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SOFT storage net RRS 300 x 250 mm Red
SOFT storage net RRS 300 x 250 mm Red

SOFT storage net RRS 300 x 250 mm Red

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Store without weighing down!

At RRS, they think about everything. Even the smallest product.

When they looked at the door storage net , they immediately deduced that an element was not essential: The frame.

Representing 98% of the weight of the object, the frame does not allow total ease during installation. Its lack of flexibility does not allow mounting in all circumstances.

They therefore thought of a clever system to fix it without losing the enveloping side.

The solution came from 5 pins allowing to regain the rigidity of the frame.

An additional benefit? The price ! Deleting an element thus allows us to limit the production cost.

  • 98% lighter than a standard door net
  • Easy assembly in all circumstances
  • Retained rigidity
  • Reduced price

Dimensions: 300 x 250 mm

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