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IGOL Race Factory Competition 10W60 (2 liters)

IGOL Race Factory Competition 10W60 (2 liters)

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IGOL Race Factory 10w60 (2 liters)

The new range of lubricants dedicated to competition

Resulting from rally experience and tested under the most severe conditions, this new range of IGOL RACE FACTORY lubricants is intended to serve the hyper performance of sports and very high-end vehicles: racy, muscular, cut for challenges .

Engine lubricant, based on 100% Ester and PAO, high performance, specially designed for powerful, sporty engines in high demand and running at high speed, both on the road and on competition circuits.

Suitable for all types of petrol and diesel engines with or without turbo, using all types of fuels with or without lead, diesel and LPG gas, whether or not fitted with a catalytic converter.

Suitable for certain BMW, PORSCHE, etc. engines

Viscosity: 10W60

ACEA / API: ACEA A3 / B4-08 - API SL / CF

2 liter can

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