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170-piece heat shrink tubing kit

170-piece heat shrink tubing kit

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Heat shrink tubing is used for the connection and insulation of electrical cables, the location and protection of electrical cables and other elements such as brake hoses, petrol, etc.


- contents of the box: Ø1 x 100mm: 60 pcs Ø2 x 100mm: 40 pcs Ø3 x 100mm: 30 pcs Ø4.5 x 100mm: 20 pcs Ø6 x 100mm: 10 pcs Ø9 x 100mm: 10 pcs

- halogen and dioxin free. Fire retardant

- shrinking temperature: 90 ° C / max. : 120 ° C

- shrinkage ratio: 2: 1 - dielectric strength: @ 1 min. 2500VCA

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