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Moto 300V Chrono 10W40 2L

Moto 300V Chrono 10W40 2L

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300V Chrono 10W-40 2L can

Competition lubricant for racing cars 100% Synthesis - Technology

USES Competition cars equipped with naturally aspirated or turbo engines, qualification engines or racing engines operating at high temperatures over a wide range of rotation speeds: Timed tests, acceleration races, circuit races, one-design races, rallies, coast, group N ... Engines causing an average dilution of the oil by the fuel. Other applications: petrol engines, direct injection turbo diesel and catalytic converter.

PERFORMANCES Standards: Exceeds existing standards Reference team: SUBARU STI, GT Japan. Double Ester technology: maximum resistance of the oil film, balanced polarity, resistance to very high temperature. Friction modifier: maximum power, lower engine operating temperature. 0% shear loss: stable oil pressure whatever the conditions of use. Maximum resistance against wear. Perfectly clean engine. Grade 10W-40 provides excellent oil circulation, instant oil pressure build-up, sharper revs and quick engine warm-up.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Oil changes: To be adapted according to use. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.

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