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Motul 300V High RPM 0W20 2L

Motul 300V High RPM 0W20 2L

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300V High RPM 0W-20 2L can

Competition lubricant for racing cars 100% Synthesis - Double Ester Technology


Competition cars equipped with naturally aspirated or turbo engines, qualification engines or racing engines requiring the maximum power and as fast revs as possible: Timed tests, acceleration races, circuit races, one-design races, hill races ... Engines designed to use low viscosity lubricants and causing little dilution of the oil by the fuel. Before use, check with the engine preparer. Other applications: petrol engines, direct injection turbo diesel and catalytic converter.


Standards: Exceeds existing standards

Double Ester technology: maximum resistance of the oil film, balanced polarity, resistance to very high temperature. Friction modifier: maximum power, lower engine operating temperature. 0% shear loss: stable oil pressure whatever the conditions of use. Maximum resistance against wear. Perfectly clean engine. Grade 0W-20 reduces hydrodynamic friction of the oil, provides maximum engine power, especially when the oil is cold. Allows excellent oil circulation, instant oil pressure establishment, sharper revs and rapid engine warm-up.


Oil changes: To be adapted according to use. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.

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