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Motul GEAR 300 75W90

Motul GEAR 300 75W90

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GEAR 300 75W-90 1L can

Competition lubricant for gearboxes and axles 100% Synthetic - Ester base


Specially developed for competition vehicles: Circuit, Rally, Raid ... All mechanical transmissions, gearboxes synchronized or not, gearbox / bridge, transfer box or hypoid bridges without limited slip working with shocks, under heavy loads and speeds low rotation or moderate loads and high rotation speeds.


STANDARDS: API GL4 and GL5 - MIL-L-2105D "100% synthetic" extreme pressure lubricant to protect against wear, for better resistance to high temperature and over time. 0% shear loss: Incishable oil film even in the most extreme conditions.

Remains in grade 90 after "the 20 hour KRL shear test" requested by SAE J306 of July 1998.

Very high lubricating power to reduce friction. Grade 90 hot guaranteeing the holding of the oil film under heavy loads and / or high temperatures and making it possible to reduce operating noise. Great fluidity at low temperatures which allows very easy gear changing when cold.

Very easy gear engagement.

Compatible with all types of seals and materials used in gearboxes. Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam.


Oil changes: According to the manufacturers' recommendations and according to your own use.

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