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RRS FIA FLEX® shorts black
RRS FIA FLEX® shorts black

RRS FIA FLEX® shorts black

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Pilot clothing

Flex® technology

FIA standard: 8856-2000

What is the FIA 8856-2000 standard?

This standard determines the technical performance requirements and the design parameters of the clothing intended to be worn by motorsport practitioners. These garments must have a minimum mass of 180gr / m² and are subject to numerous technical tests. To put it simply, your garment is subjected to contact with a flame for a period of 11 seconds. once the flame is stopped, the garment must not burn or break. Eleven seconds may seem insufficient, but stop reading this text and count imagining yourself trapped in the flames. This time does not seem to you an eternity under these conditions? In all, these 11 seconds can be essential to get you out of this situation! Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL

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