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Additional cornering light 4 LED RRS 40W with beam
Additional cornering light 4 LED RRS 40W with beam
Additional cornering light 4 LED RRS 40W with beam
Additional cornering light 4 LED RRS 40W with beam

Additional cornering light 4 LED RRS 40W with beam

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RRS has developed in line with the LED headlight ramp, latest generation cornering lights specially designed for rallying. Very good complement to your LED or classic halogen or xenon ramp (mix allowed, see paragraph Rally Regulations: below)

Coming from the latest LED headlight ramp technologies, it offers incomparable lighting on night stages compared to conventional halogen lighting.

In addition, this lighting does not heat up and consumes little.


RRS wishes to offer the best possible visibility. RRS therefore developed this model taking into account two parameters: the range and the lighting area.


The RRS LED cornering lights each have 4 CREE® LEDS long range of 10W each providing pure white light, without shadows. The two striated external LEDs allow an intense diffusion of the beam while those of the center will illuminate all the details of the road and the low sides.

The light beam of each LED is rectilinear, allowing to illuminate every detail and to concentrate the light on the road.


Thanks to these additional headlights, there will no longer be a gray area. Coupled with an LED ramp or even a Xenon lighthouse ramp, they will guarantee you an excellent view of the strings. Also ideal in case of fog.


- The additional headlights are supplied complete and can be adapted to all rally vehicles!

- The fixings are notched and allow to adjust the inclination of the LEDs for optimal lateral lighting.

- The electrical harness is supplied complete and protected by heat-shrink tubing, ready to be connected.
The beam is designed to accommodate 1 or 2 additional cornering lights. You can buy one and add another later, your beam will be ready!

- Remote ON / OFF switch provided at the end of the beam supplied to turn on / off your cornering lights from the passenger compartment of the car.





- 4 CREE® LED 10W

- Headlights power: 40W

- Lighting power: 2900 Lumens

- LEDS lifespan: 50,000 hours of operation.

- Waterproof: IP67

- Length: 20 cm

- Low Weight: 0.9 Kg

- Power supply: 12V DC


- Total length: 3 m

- Ignition push button

- 30 A relay

- Fuse and fuse holder, lugs

- All protected with heat shrink tubing

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