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CL 4073 RC6 AV Fiat 500 Abarth brake pads
Carbone Lorraine

CL 4073 RC6 AV Fiat 500 Abarth brake pads

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CL Brakes brake pads (Carbone Lorraine)

Average coefficient of friction μ = 0.50

This material has a very large field of application possible, in rally or on circuit. It saves races thanks to its efficiency / ease of use ratio.

It offers very high friction consistency at a high level. Its use requires good quality brake fluid.

CL Brakes wafers are developed with NoNiTech technology which allows us to manufacture Nickel-free, Lead-free and Asbestos-free wafers.

One of CL Brakes' priorities is to ensure respect for the customer and the environment.

In addition, all the pads offered are made only of sintered materials, which allow them to obtain unrivaled performance in motorsport: Powerful braking, reduced heating, use under water, reactivity when cold, and dust and mud.

They are also made from powders of at least 10 constituents (copper, bronze, iron, ceramics, graphite, etc.).

Each of these constituents has an essential role during the friction of the wafer on the disc (comfort, noise and performance).

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