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RRS bottle holder
RRS bottle holder
RRS bottle holder
RRS bottle holder

RRS bottle holder

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Specially designed to adapt to the roll bar:

Its shape and its powerful spring locking system ensures that your bottle is perfectly maintained, even on a special stage.

You can fix it next to the seat of the driver and / or the co-driver, or at the rear of the vehicle on the roll bar with Tyrap or velcro collars. It can also be riveted to the body at the rear wheel arch, for example.

Perfect support:

Its shape perfectly matches that of your bottle.

The neck is then enclosed by a powerful spring locking system. Its height is adjustable over 20cm, so it is suitable for most bottles, gourds or cans.

To remove the bottle, simply open the lock with your finger. It closes instantly as soon as you release.

In addition, the lock is adjustable in height over a range of 20 cm, to adapt to all bottle heights.

Characteristics :

Dimensions: 32 x 10 cm

Weight: only 180 grams

Powerful height-adjustable spring locking system

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