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Card reader (co-pilot lamp) LED RRS WITH POTENTIOMETER
Card reader (co-pilot lamp) LED RRS WITH POTENTIOMETER

Card reader (co-pilot lamp) LED RRS WITH POTENTIOMETER

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After Mitsubishi Ralliart, it is Hyundaï Motorsport which uses this card reader on the i20 WRC

It was simple and yet no one had thought of it yet ...

When RRS decided to design its own card reader, it had to be different from the others. They started from the observation that respecting the comfort of the pilot is essential but being able to read the notes well is also.

However, most card readers on the market are either too powerful and annoy the driver or not enough and reading becomes difficult.

They then had the idea of the potentiometer which thus makes it possible to vary the intensity of light according to the conditions.

Special at sunset? The potentiometer is fully, the lighting is powerful. Special in the middle of the dark night? The potentiometer is set low, the lighting is optimal for the co-pilot but does not interfere with the pilot.

In addition, no need for a switch, the potentiometer has one.

Light but strong

What good is it to have a potentiometer if you have to readjust the reader constantly. We designed a memory steel body strong enough to ensure rigidity in any event. And to keep an optimal weight, the head is machined from aluminum.

Light, resistance and economy

To create a card reader, you have to think about the constraints. The major constraint in running is vibration. What could be more fragile than a filament lamp under these conditions?

So they chose the LED. 8 small lamps guarantee optimal lighting with a lifespan of 100,000 hours. You could use your player for more than 10 years without stopping it, knowing that consumption will be 100 times less than a halogen lamp.

The most advanced rally card reader in the world ...

The potentiometer, its resistance and its comfort of use, it is not for nothing that this reader is used by factory teams and renowned co-pilots.

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 52cm
  • Body diameter: 1.5 cm
  • Head diameter: 2.4 cm
  • Weight: 440 gr
  • Number of leds: 8

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