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Torque RT700 Competition brake fluid (500ml)
Torque RT700 Competition brake fluid (500ml)

Torque RT700 Competition brake fluid (500ml)

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Unlike many companies that offer a wide range of fluids, Torque® specializes in one product: brake fluid.


The TORQUE RT700 is now a benchmark and many teams have definitely adopted it.

Its unique formula greatly exceeds the DOT3 and DOT4 specifications

Resistance to extreme temperature! Dry point at boiling point: 361 ° C!

Its very important alkaline reserve ensures stable performance over time, a later aging of the brake fluid and allows you to space out the oil changes!

Perfect and longer protection against corrosion.

It is miscible with all DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 brake fluids.

It was developed in collaboration with motorsport engineers and experienced drivers to withstand the constraints of racing!

Result: exemplary behavior throughout the race and it ensures a constant pedal feeling!

Characteristics :

Dry boiling point : 361.8 ° C

Wet boiling point : 226.1 ° C

Density: 1.095

pH: 7.3

Viscosity at -40 ° C: 1501 mm² / s

Viscosity at 100 ° C: 2.1 mm² / s

Alkaline reserve: 84

To help you choose, RRS offers a comparison table of the most commonly used brake fluid range

Packaging: 500 ml can

IMPORTANT: To choose wisely, it is good to understand what role the physical and chemical characteristics of a brake fluid play.

RRS offers you its primer to understand everything about brake fluids! Click here.

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