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TRI-DAN Motor oil 5w40 - 1L
TRI-DAN Motor oil 5w40 - 1L

TRI-DAN Motor oil 5w40 - 1L

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TRIDAN MOTOR OIL 5W40 - 1 liter
Very high performance lubrication for all turbocharged engines. Designed for racing. Exceptional results *
Also suitable for daily use in your production vehicle.

100% synthetic vegetable-based oil.

Synthetic lubricant developed and formulated for both competition and everyday use

This new generation engine oil incorporates an extreme quality anti-friction additive.

Designed to withstand the most demanding operating conditions for very long periods.

It increases the life expectancy of the particulate filter and the catalyst thanks to the exclusive TRI-DAN Filter Care technology

It protects turbo-compressors in all circumstances thanks to the exclusive TRI-DAN Turbo Protection technology

This technology is coupled with an ultra-slippery protective film which improves performance and protects mechanics.

Decreases engine operating temperature.

In addition, it is also designed to withstand high temperatures without degrading. Thus it withstands cylinder head temperatures above 140 ° C without losing its lubricating properties.

Long life, long life. Allows to space draining in competition.

* lower engine temperatures, lower consumption during endurance races, smoother engine and more liberated during acceleration

Particularly recommended for:

- All petrol or diesel turbocharged engines

- Engines after 2002

- Modern engines catalyzed

- Very high efficiency motors

- The reprogrammed motors


OPTIMIZES the torque curve from low revs, pickups and accelerations

PROTECTS turbo-compressors from start-up, camshafts and high engine

ATtenuates mechanical noises, parasitic vibrations.

DECREASES the operating temperature.

REDUCES smoke emissions, CO2 emissions

DO NOT FIRE candles

Wear protection and anti-corrosion

Designed and manufactured in France.


Miscible with all 4-stroke oils

Unconstrained lubricates engines with clutch in oil bath

Suitable for all injection engines from 2002

Diesel engines of all types (common-rail, turbo-compressed, multi-valve, etc.)

All types of petrol engines with injectors or carburetors.

LPG engines

Compatible with catalytic converters

Compatible with particle filters


ACEA: A3 / B4 / C3
BMW: LL-04
FORD: M2C917-A


MB Approval: 229.31 / 226.5W40
RENAULT: RN0700 / RN0710
VW: 502 00/505 00/505 01


1L can


Out of respect for the environment, TRIDAN makes it a point of honor to biodegrade and recycle its containers.

TRIDAN cans are made of 100% recyclable metal. The exterior cladding and labeling is made of 100% biodegradable vinyl like the inks used, without heavy metals.

Choosing TRIDAN means choosing very high quality products, clean, French products made in France.

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