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TRI-DAN Engine oil circuit treatment - 500 ml
TRI-DAN Engine oil circuit treatment - 500 ml
TRI-DAN Engine oil circuit treatment - 500 ml

TRI-DAN Engine oil circuit treatment - 500 ml

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TRIDAN - Engine oil circuit treatment - 500 mL
Active product 80,000 Km
Protects the mechanical parts of the engine by depositing a hyper-resistant protective film.
This increases the power *

On an engine, the roughness (source of friction and wear) is partially filled with lubricants. When the surfaces of an engine (pistons, connecting rods, liners, cylinder head, valves ...) move against each other, this is when the treatment takes place and forms a film which greatly increases the slippage between -they.

This is made possible by a thermal process. In fact, at high temperature, the molecules of the TRIDAN Treatment will thermally bond to the engine parts. As it cools, the product will polymerize to leave a thin protective film on the entire surface in contact with the oil. This is why the product is poured once the engine is warm. This is what allows the thermal shock. It is also advisable to use it when the oil is new and the filter is too. It is under these conditions that the treatment will be most optimal.

Thus, the action of MOTOR TREATMENT changes the surface condition of moving parts. This considerably reduces friction and the inertia of the motor to optimize its efficiency. It is for these reasons that we will gain power.

The lubricating film is improved and the metal / oil / metal friction is replaced by TRI-DAN / oil / TRI-DAN friction.

All engine surfaces are therefore protected and wear is greatly reduced.


INCREASES performance

INCREASES engine life expectancy

EASY cold starts


REDUCES operating temperature

REDUCES the mechanical volume

ATTENUATED vibrations and noise

REDUCES oil consumption

REDUCES engine intervention and maintenance costs

LIMITS polluting discharges

Designed and manufactured in France.


We suggest that you use this treatment after changing the oil filter.

1- Bring the engine to normal operating temperature

2- Stop the engine before treatment

3- Shake the bottle vigorously for 2 minutes before use

4- Pour the treatment into the oil pan (4 stroke) or into the fuel tank (2 stroke)

5- Do not exceed by more than 15% the capacity recommended by the manufacturer.

6- For optimal efficiency, drive immediately for 1 hour at normal speed

Every 80,000 km

Packaging: 500 ml can



Built on an Opel Astra 2.0L DTI engine

Power gain of 5%, dynamic change of 20% over the engine torque range.

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