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On-board mechanical jack - 800mm
On-board mechanical jack - 800mm
On-board mechanical jack - 800mm

On-board mechanical jack - 800mm

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Quick lift rally jack 800mm

Designed to be on the rally car.

 For use in a critical/emergency situation.

This jack is lightweight and compact.

Sturdy base is manufactured from a high grip rubber which is suitable for all terrain, providing the jack a solid stand point all time.

The jack is placed next to the vehicle at the jacking points, with the protruding leg the platform to raise the car. It has a ratchet mechanism to lift the vehicle and travels

from the minimum point of 100mm all the way up to the maximum of 730mm.

Ratchet handle is removable and there is a hollow in the main shaft of the jack for ratchet handle storage.

Technical details:

Weight: 2.6 Kg 

Length: 800 mm

Maximum lifting height: 730 mm

Minimum lifting height: 90 mm

Nose : 22mm x 22mm

Capacity: 600 Kg

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