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Ford Focus GR-PRO
Flatout Suspension Inc

Ford Focus GR-PRO

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  • Designed for Stage Rally
  • 2 Front Inverted Assemblies with reservoirs
  • 2 Rear Inverted Assemblies with reservoirs
  • Quick disconnect coupler on rear shocks
  • 40mm Piston
  • External reservoir with Hi/Lo Speed Compression
  • 1-way rebound damping adjustment
  • Radial bearing on Front Assembly
  • LPS Linear Rate Springs
  • Secondary helper spring
  • Electro-Plated Nickel Cartridge
  • Rebuildable Inverted Shock
  • CNC Machined High-flow Aluminum Piston
  • Stainless Steel Shims
  • Medium Weight Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Rebound Adjustable
  • Spherical Bearing upper mounts standard
  • Brackets for Sensor Lines
  • Individual Parts Available
  • Approx 6wks to hand assemble and ship

Reservoir quick disconnect:

To avoid unecessary drilling or cutting or to make the installation easier, the rear shocks feature a quick disconnect. This provides the possibility to disconnect the external reservoir which gives easier access thru holes and narrow places.

Do note that before disconnecting the quick disconnect the gas pressure should be removed from the canister. When the gaspressure is not released the quick disconnect will be very hard to reconnect and there is a possibility that you damage the seal in the quick disconnect. 


Before disconnecting the reservoir, make sure the dampers are completely unloaded. 

When dampers are mounted on the vehicle than the vehicle has to be on jack stand and the anti roll bar has to be disconnected, so that the wheels are in full droop.

Take off the gas pressure by blowing of the schraeder valves. Make sure that all the gas pressure is blown off.

Take off the reservoir, never use dampers with disconnected reservoirs. By doing so you could damage the dampers internals. 


Connect the reservoir.

With the damper in full droop, put a gas pressure of 18 bar (260 PSI) on the system (nitrogen).

The damper is now ready for use!


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