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Flatout 1.5” Rear Subframe Spacers for Ford
Flatout Suspension

Flatout 1.5” Rear Subframe Spacers for Ford

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The Flatout Subframe drop spacer kit will correct driveline angles from lifting. Recommended for lifts over 1.5".

  • 4x Anodized Blue Aluminum Spacers
  • 4x Longer M14 bolts and washers
  • Easy installation

When you lift the vehicle (whether with a lift kit, or even just to change a tire), as the trailing arm and control arms pivot, they become shorter just due to basic geometry. This pulls the trailing arm inward (adding toe), and pulls the control arms inward (adding positive camber). It also drops the differential which changes the angle of the driveshaft and CVs. Since the subframe is connected to the unibody, as the body goes up the subframe goes up, but the arms are connected to the hub, which remains static. A spacer will drop the subframe as it goes between the subframe connection points (4) and the unibody, canceling out the geometrical effect of the lift. These are 1.5" in height, so they null out the effect of 1.5" lift. If you were to lift 2.0", you are only dealing with a geometrical effect of 0.5" which is likely within OEM specs. In essence, with the spacers, at 1.5" lift, in theory, you're alignment should be unaffected by the lift, putting everything right back into OEM spec.

Up front, it's not a concern as it's a MacPhearson design. You have the option to have camber plates, but our lift kit includes eccentric bolts for 1.75* of camber adjustment (which the OEM does not have). Toe is set at the tie rods. Easy to counter the effects of the lift.



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