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Gloves Grafity FIA
Gloves Grafity FIA
Gloves Grafity FIA
Marina Racewear

Gloves Grafity FIA

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The new UNIC GLOVES are made with a revolutionary fabric manufactured exclusively by Marina Racewear.

This fabric contains natural bers and offers a high degree of comfort and perspiration. UNIC GLOVES incorporate silicone inserts in the palm area, exerting just the right amount of pressure to provide optimal feel and grip.

The external seams allow for optimal sensitivity in the fingers, as friction is avoided and they are in direct contact with the wheel. With UNIC technology, Marina Racewear offers you endless customization options on FIA gloves.

- FIA 8856-2018 approval

- Inarhent flame retardant
- Lightweight
- Ergonomic design
- Extra soft
- 100% customizable

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