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Ford Maverick 2 Inch Level Lift Kit
Flatout Suspension

Ford Maverick 2 Inch Level Lift Kit

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Ford Maverick 2 Inch Level Lift


This entry-level lift kit allows you to lift the front of your Ford Maverick 2" and the rear 1.5" for a level lift. The rear is on a height adjustable perch which will allow you to do a 2" lift front and rear and retain the natural rake (0.5" higher rear) for a true 2" lift if desired.

The front uses a 2" (50.8mm) spacer that sits atop the OEM strut. The rear uses a height adjustable spring perch and new springs. You can choose between a comfort spring which retains the OEM rate and load capacity or an overload spring which increases load capacity perfect for hitch mounted cargo baskets or rear tire carriers eliminating sag. Works with FWD and AWD, including hybrid.

*Tremor package will only lift ~1.5 up front

Kit includes:

2x 2" Front strut spacers
2x Adjustable sway bar endlinks
2x Camber adjustment bolt
4x Rear trailing arm spacers (4WD models)
2x Rear Springs (comfort or overload)
2x Height adjustable rear spring cups
2x Rear brake line extension bracket
2x Flatout Suspension decals
OPTIONAL Subframe Spacer Kit for 4WD model
Approximate install time : 2-3 Hours

Why buy our kit instead of the others on the market? While spacer lifts all serve the same function, most of the kits out there only lift 1.5" and do not allow you to level the ride height. Our spacer is slightly offset to maintain proper camber and caster to prevent tire wear. Other spacer kits do not accommodate a way to increase cargo/ load capacity as they reuse the OEM rear springs. 

If you set rear height above 1.5" on 4WD models, we advise adding our subframe spacers as well to re-center the rear tire and reduce the angle of the CV. The subframe spacers are not compatible with FWD/ Hybrid.

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