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Motul Additif gasoline Stabilizer 250ML

Motul Additif gasoline Stabilizer 250ML

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Gasoline shelf life improver additive

Up to 24 months

2 & 4 stroke engines

Type of use

MOTUL STABILIZER may be added to gasoline.

Multipurpose formulation allows:

-     gasoline protection against oxidation, avoids gums build ups inside carburettor, making easier start up after wintering
-     avoid deposits build ups in carburettor, combustion chamber and on valves
-     clean valves to get back optimum engine performance

Gardening engines, boat engines, motorcycle or snowmobiles engines...


Protects gasoline against oxidation

Protects engine against corrosion

Cleans injection system and carburettors

Prevents and cleans deposits on valves

Compatible with any type of gasoline leaded or unleaded

Compatible with catalytic converters


Press on the bottle to fill the upper container and pour the right dosage in gas tank or can before filling with gasoline.

STABILIZER is recommended for use :
-     at normal dosage at each refuelling  
-     at intensive dosage to clean the engine and get back performances  
-     for wintering : in this case, make engine run with STABILIZER added to gasoline in order to provide anti oxidation protection everywhere inside fuel system and engine.

Normal dosage : 250 ml for 200 L of gasoline

Intensive dosage : 250 ml for 100 L of gasoline

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