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Motul classic SAE 50 2L

Motul classic SAE 50 2L

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4 Stroke Engine Oil

For vintage cars and motorcycles

Mineral Monograde

Type of Use

Especially  formulated  for  collector  and  vintage  cars  engines  and  gearboxes  built  between  1900  and 1950.  

Suitable for Gasoline or Diesel 4 stroke engines. Also suitable for collector bike engines.


MOTUL SAE 50 is a last generation oil specially designed for old technology engines.

Mineral monograde lubricant with  very low detergent level for a complete compatibility  with paper ,felt and fabric gaskets.  

Small detergent level avoids soot and deposits removing in the lubricating circuit.

Can be used as break-in oil if drain intervals are shortened.

Complete compatibility with nonferrous metals as brass, bronze, cooper.

Reinforced adherence for easier start even after a long period of immobilization.  


Drain interval : drain at least once a year.

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