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Racing Boots RRS Black / Grey no FIA
Racing Boots RRS Black / Grey no FIA

Racing Boots RRS Black / Grey no FIA

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NON FIA RRS racing shoes

Here is a best seller for RRS. Not FIA racing shoes are perfect for a lot of racing sports like rally, karting, track, aerial acrobatics, and many other activities.

Super comfortable, extra light weight, with a good air flow to ventilate your feet.

Velcro ankle straps allow an excellent protection, and Achille's tendon is not blocked.

External soles are made to provide a good grip, and perfect feeling, with reinforced pads on the sides for heel/toe.

Specifications :

Strong material

Soft rubber soles : better grip

High model with ankle strap : best ankle protection

Shoes back V designed to preserve Achille's tendon movements

Lateral reinforcement pads for easiest heel/toe

Vents of shoes sides for excellent breathability and great comfort

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