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Shock Extender Set
Shock Extender Set
Shock Extender Set
Flatout Suspension Inc

Shock Extender Set

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When you use our level lift to raise the rear, the shock is forced to extend relative to the amount the spring is adjusted when setting ride height. These 40mm extenders take some of the stress off the shock and re-centers static travel to get equalized travel and function of the OEM shock to prevent early top out of the shock. Installation is simple, just unbolt the shock, and remove the nut securing the top mount. Place the shock extender over the threaded area and secure (blue loc-tite) in place. Lastly, you will re-install your top mount and shock absorber.

In order to figure out which size you need you can simply measure the nut used to secure your upper mount to your shock. Typicallyand M8 has a 13mm nut, M10 is a 17mm, and M12 is 22mm. Here's what to measure:

*Example shown is an M8

Sold in pairs

NOT FOR USE ON STRUT TYPE SHOCKS - These go on the REAR shock of a divorced (spring and shock separated) type rear suspension.

Before (bottom) & After (top)

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